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My good friend and talented interior designer Lisa Ferguson, launched a very exciting site recently that she has secretly been working away at these past few months.  Decor Mentor is an online community that encourages collaborations and education between design pros and consumers.  It's a place to gather to be inspired by beautiful design, and to learn from leading interior design experts from around the world!    Everything from buying guides, to colour palettes to space planning.  Have a look! 

You can expect to be inspired by some amazing talent, including Lisa Ferguson, Meredith Heron, Michelle Jennings Wiebe, Nyla Free, Jennifer Mabley Jacqueline Corea, LeAnne Bunnell and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault.  It's only been a couple of weeks and I am already loving getting a daily dose of design inspiration and information!

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  1. I agree - what a wonderful idea. Collaboration is the answer!! It was so great to see you what seems now like months ago!! Nothing beats face time.

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing such a great concept. Looking forward to seeing all the posts. xo

  3. What a wonderful idea...look forward to seeing more!!

  4. As one of the decor mentors, I am so excited to be sharing design inspiration, tips, insider information and experience with others! Thanks so much for featuring Decor Mentor on your blog.


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