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Jo Alcorn of Whitewash & Co joins us on Earth week to chat about controversial Non Toxic labeling.  I absolutely love this series.

In what world do we live in that we now have to put Non-toxic labels on products? Shouldn’t they just be Non-toxic to begin with?  It is pretty scary to think that marketers and advertisers could even twist, squeeze and pull over our heads a farce as a Non-toxic green statement. Well they have. And we have fallen for it so much, that most of us believe if Non-Toxic isn’t printed on the label, then it is likely toxic. Pure genius, whoever came up with this marketing ploy!

We should also look out for words like Non-harmful or Free of.  What does it even mean? Is it supposed to imply that ingredients used within don’t pose any health risks? Meanwhile, the labels aren’t even regulated by government standards.  There has been major controversy from health activists questioning what is “safe” from the manufacturer’s point of view.  Purchasing Non-Toxic items doesn’t even make a true contribution to the green industry. It may not even be worthwhile at all, because that Non-Toxic cleaning product you just bought is in a plastic bottle which is far from environmentally safe. As soon as you throw it out, it enters the landfill where it will sit there for decades and decades. So why have companies gone through all this trouble to label and market that their product is Non-Toxic? Because, like everyone else they want the opportunity to be part of the green movement “group”.  This is the only way they know how to fit in, by creating there own category! So who is the one laughing? The company that can distract you with words as you purchase that non-decomposing plastic container that was made overseas with no labour board in place? Or is it the consumer who believed they were doing the right thing by trusting the marketing labels?

Unfortunately in today’s times we can’t be lazy consumers, we have to read and look into everything before we can make the right GREEN decision. We can’t take their word for it, just like in food labels, if you can’t pronounce or understand the word; it probably isn’t good for you. So next time you grab for the Non-Toxic label, read it first! Where is it made? Can you pronounce every word on the label? Or are you just supporting a company that has the money to market Non-Toxic over another that truly could be healthier to your environment. Questions, questions, questions and more questions. That is the only true path to figuring out the truth of what is GREEN?!

Keep your eyes open GREEN movers and don’t be fooled by the marketing gimmicks.

Until next time,

Truly natural ingredients shouldn't be too hard to find.

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