Sweet Dreams


I come from a long line of linen lovers. So it’s no surprise that quite a few years back, when I was just a teenager, I was wandering through the streets of Florence, and stopped cold at a window display filled with hand stitched linens. As I pressed my nose up against the glass, I knew I had to walk in and rub my hands over these smooth sheets. As I walked into the store, I remember the glance the sales lady gave me, as in “why are you here?” But I didn’t care, I inspected each piece, touching, looking over the stitching, and patterns. I was in love. I was no fool; I knew not to inquire about the price. These were easily in the hundreds. But I did sneak a catalog into my purse, with the intention of researching when I got home.

And research I did. I found a location in North America, so that one day I would know where to find a set. I learned that the sheets were some of the best in the world and so impeccable, that even the Vatican used them. I found Frette linens are used in some of the world’s finest hotels, and that they are still hand sewn. As for thread count, well higher doesn’t mean better. Lastly, I learned that it would be a while before I owned this fine bedding with a price tag that starts well over a thousand dollars for a set.

So what is about fine bed linens that make it a must have luxury? I can tell you that for me, nothing is better than that smooth feeling on your skin, especially on a newly made bed. Crisp linens are inviting, they want you to rest and enjoy a peaceful sleep so that you can awake energized. Colour is everything; I love a clean white or soft neutral shade to keep a bedroom looking bright and fresh. As for pattern, simple is best. I love that I can have a delicate pattern on the border, or a little lace trim for my feminine side. Just enough to make it feel soft and pretty, but not so much that it decorates a space. Linens compliment a bed, and shouldn’t compete with it.

And all this adds up to a really peaceful sleep. So with that I wish you Sweet Dreams my friends.

Thanks Design DNA for inviting me to post on Frette Linens..

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  1. Well composed and really makes me want to jump back into bed! I am a bit of a bedding nut myself and am really into good sheets, bedding,etc......another very good company is Home Treasures, I buy their things a lot and they are delicous to sleep in along the lines of Frette. I recently was trying to talk a friend into getting a set, and I put it this way "you spend 10-12 hours a day in bed" thats half your day practically.....don't you deserve that? She got them and hasn't been able to thank me enough.....this is one thing where you get what you pay for!

  2. Inviting...
    Its images like these that make me follow your blog and frequently visit it...

  3. I too love Frette linens. They are so luxurious. I've seen them lately at Homesense in the $200-$300 range which is not inexpensive but a lot less than the retail price. Take care!


  4. I love bedding, thanks for sharing these, I hope to be able to afford a set like this soon!

  5. Gorgeous bedrooms!!! Thanks for sharing :o)

  6. Really a beautiful bedroom.Wish to have one like the bedroom, which is shared in the post.The bedrooms appears to be glimpse and fabulous.


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