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It's always a delight to find a home that is designed with impact in mind.  This Atlanta based two level condominium was designed around the homeowners collection of contemporary and old world art pieces. They also had a number of French Antiques from a former home that they wanted to incorporate, but were afraid they would not be appropriate.  On the contrary, almost every piece was used in the apartment.  Interior Designer, Nancy Braithwaite, created a fabulous interior, that married old and new, soft and subtle, light and reflection, calm and impact.   She selected a very neutral palette to act as a canvas for the works of art, and refrained from using any materials that would distract from it.  Even the furniture is carefully placed, and is an extension of the vast collection of art.

As beautiful as this home is, I was tempted to remove this image because I am grossly offended by the Zebra skin on the floor. To the right of the table legs, you can see the zebra's mane.  I kept it because of the contrast of the painting, and furnishings, and because it is part of this home, but I would have selected something else on the floor. 

 Some of the art collected in this home include pieces from William De Koonig, Robert Mangold, Shi Zhongying (wire sculpture on table) Jason Pollock (ink above fireplace) Otto Dix (left) to name a few.   Featured in Veranda Magazine in March 2008.  Nancy Braithwaite returns to Veranda in their March 2011 issue

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  1. Beautifully done, the mixing of the old and new. I like how the neutrality and simplicity of the furnishings allows the focus to remain on the art..overall a very elegant setting.

  2. This is really beautiful, not just pretty but very elegant and stylish.

  3. Very subtle, soothing and welcoming.

  4. Funny what you said about the real zebra skin. I feel the same way even though my best friend has one. I especially don't like the idea of stepping on the mane... sure are popular in design though.
    Mary Ann

  5. Calm and collected....very beautiful!

  6. Soothing and stunning interiors....
    Love the Pollack over the fireplace.
    I will go with believing the zebra rug is a vintage one that they already had in their collection. I have seen them over 70+ years old and would hope to believe any real ones that you see today are from when we just did not know any better. Now.....we do.

  7. I'm all about muted palettes with pops of color. Gorgeous!


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