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Paris?  Provence?  Actually Washington.  This home has a great story.  It starts with the collaboration of a talented Designer and an inspiring client.  Robert Rea is a successful lawyer who was looking to create a space to fuel his passion for creating art, and he knew exactly who to turn to get it designer Frank Babb Randolph.  Together they combed the streets of Georgetown's antique shops to find the furnishings to fill the space.  They reworked the home and maintained many traditional European features, and kept the wall colours to bone white, so that light could play and reflect it's surroundings.

And who doesn't love a story with a happy ending?.  The painting above the sofa in the drawing room was inspired by the room's palette.  It took six months perfect and is evidence of that this home is serving it's intended purpose.  Rea's incredible art can also be found in the Susan Calloway gallery in Georgetown.

Thanks to Splendid Sass for her copies of the images, that she managed to get from Veranda Magazine where this was featured in April 2011.

This image is from Things that Inspire.

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  1. I saw the spread in Veranda, its absolutely gorgeous! I do not know what I like more, the beautiful paintings or the complementing design around them!
    The painter must be very clean at work, his studio is impeccable!
    My work space is a mess compared to this!
    : )

  2. Normally I am not a big fan of that style of art. THIS I like!
    Thank you for another lovely post!


  3. stunning! i love everything about it :)

  4. WOW this is just incredible and so very serene! The Coral dining room color combo has to be one of my favorites AND you might have just given me an idea for the wedding! Thanks

  5. Beautiful, calm, serene and elegant. Love how the focus is on the art against a predominently neutral palette. Art is what allows us to add much personality and character into our rooms to make it our own and personal.

  6. Just love the delicate Spring branches!

  7. I love the beige palette with the pops of orange...very elegant and very modern,

  8. I have this thing in my mind that every piece in that room would easily snap, i mean the good thing. The thinness and those pastel Spring colors makes the proportion for the wide-spaced room. I like the contradictions. Pretty.

  9. I love the coral in the dining room and the bedside table!


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