The Peacock Kimono

The Japanese Kimono

The Vermillion Kimono

Mending the Kimono

The works above are from artist Evan Wilson, whose oil paintings are incredibly realistic.  I have chosen some of his works that incorporate the intricate details of a Japanese kimono.  The light and shimmer of these works are exquisitely true to life.  I have selected an excerpt from his website to share so that you can get some insight into this exceptionally talented artist. 

The accomplished paintings of Evan Wilson imbue everyday reality with a heightened sense of elegance and grace. His varied subjects–including engaging portraits, dazzling floral still lifes, genteel interiors, and vibrant genre scenes–transcribe the world into something slightly rarified, a realm in which beauty reigns supreme. For nearly twenty-five years, Wilson has worked as a professional artist in the venerable realist tradition, evolving a painting style that fuses the keen observational clarity of John Singleton Copley with the dash and spirit of John Singer Sargent. His best works capture the present as they acknowledge the past, and underscore the enduring power of realism in skilled and dedicated hands.

– Peter Baldaia, Chief Curator, Huntsville Museum of Art

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