IDS 2011: Live Wood and Colour


IDS 2011 was on this past weekend, and I didn' get to spend nearly enough time exploring it as I would have liked to.  I can tell you that at the walking the show floor on Thursday night I felt a mix of vibrant colour and a beautiful assortment of earthy and rich woods tones.  Especially to note were live edges and grains.  The collection of carpets from Modern Weave, Elte and Weavers Art displayed a beautiful assortment of colours, and interesting patterns.  Brothers' Dressler had a really interesting display on the Sibling Revelry exhibit, and of course, Sarah Richards was rich on colour in her exhibit with brother Theo. 

Pictures above from these bloggers who had there cameras handy all weekend, and have followed up with great posts:

Glass Mosaics:  Filipetti
Blown Glass:  Tsunami Glassworks
Wood bench and shelves:  Brothers's Dressler

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  1. Les couleurs m'enivrent toujours et me font du bien... lorsque vous les intégrez dans un environnement clair, elles prennent tout de suite un impact plus important...
    Belle publication...

  2. That bench with the metal shoes looks so cool!!; also the pulple canvas art looks so subtle and relaxing...I'm not a huge fan of purple, but this is very pretty.....the bench, though is awesome, I want it!! ^_^

  3. The rugs totally blew me away- some by Modernweave literally had me weak in the knees. Sorry we didn't get to talk more at the tweetup etc...long tables! xo

  4. My jaw just dropped -- these pieces are incredible! Is that 2nd to last piece a rug? Because I need it in my home, well, my future home at least. I might put it on the wall though...just amazing...

  5. Thanks for linking! Yes, I had never seen so many gorgeous rugs under one roof before.

  6. the bench looks cool! lovely greetings


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