A Visit from CreateGirl


Julieann of CreateGirl and I decided to switch up our posts today.  We thought it would be fun to decorate each other's places for the Holidays..  I hope she shows up this weekend..:-)  This would be my best Holiday ever..

If I were to pop over to Vitania's in the middle of the night, I would decorate for the holidays in small doses. Designing a corner here and there can be so effective and call even more attention to the vignette opposed to going all out and not really seeing any of it! Plus it will be so much easier for her to pack up once the holidays have passed! Here are a few photos.

A tree nestled in the corner with unexpected garland
(yes that is a feather boa!!)

 A subtle white wreaths stands stands out just enough to get noticed but doesn't stop your eye from seeing the gorgeous outdoors!

 Everything is better with just a few peacock feathers, it's a little touch of glam for any mantel!

I hope when she wakes Vitania, enjoys the small holiday touches throughout her house!

Happy Holidays

I would absolutely love this in my home.  Thanks for a fun Friday Julieann.

Images:  House and Home, Elle Decor, Brides Domino

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