Genevieve Gorder: A Creative Force


Genevieve Gorder isn't your average interior designer.  Thanks to the power of television she can let her imagination run wild and make magic in just a few days.  As she heads in to season 4 of Dear Genevieve, I chatted with the Design TV star about her creative nature and passion for design.

So here is the thing, a television show about helping homeowners fall in love with their space again can't be easy for a designer.  A limited budget, time constraints, and confused clients sound less than appealing to me.  Not for Genevieve.  She loves the quick paced, dynamic environment that allows her and her small team to  imagine anything and make it real.  She thrives on pushing herself to new limits, despite the quick turn around and credits a very strong creative team.  "It's something that can't be done when you are working on a large project for a firm", she says of the incredible tangible and emotional reward of pulling together a beautiful interior in just a few days. 
So where does all this inspiration come from? Well, Genevieve is a well travelled, barefoot people loving type, so it's no surprise that she lets her senses guide her, through culture, or art, or even a humbling experience, "It inherently comes naturally, It's how you look at the world", she says. True, No?  It's fascinating to learn about the simplest object or experience that inspired a major project or artwork. 

So what excites her about design today?  That its not disposable. That marriage of old and new is here to stay. 'Recreating old designs with what we have now", she says  Adding modern colours to old pieces, and boy is she really loving that brass is back.  I had to ask,what trend she would like to see banished forever. "Enough blue and brown". Yeah, I am kind of done with that one too.

Looking forward to seeing what Genevieve has in store for us this season?  Design lovers, set your recorders because there is a lot of cool stuff starting on HGTV next week.

Dear Genevieve, Season IV
HGTV Canada
Tuesdays at 8:30pm ET/9:30pm PT
Beginning January 4

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