Colour Play


Marshall Watson is definitely on my top 10 list for all time favorite designers.  I featured him before, (see here) when he was featured in Veranda Magazine for using the colour red, in the most beautiful way imaginable.  But today, it's his mix of blue and green that have won me over.   This South Hampton Vacation home, has a year round interior, with colours taken from nature, of course.  Blues, Greens, Grays, and yellows all inspired by seasonal changes in nature, from sunshine to foggy days.

I love that this style is achievable at any scale.  Some interiors look fabulous because they have the square footage to build a story on.  And others can be adapted to fit in any size of a home.  What a fabulous rug, it actually has green in it as well, it's such a bold statement.  You can visit Marshall Watson's portfolio, or see the story featured in House Beautiful.

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  1. Wow! Awesome spaces!especially the bedrooms!Looks everything is perfectly made it well,You have such a great eye.Definitely stunning interiors!Thanks For sharing.Great images indeed.

  2. Such lovely spaces. Thanks for sharing. I'm especially loving that tufted yellow chair, so charming.
    Suzy xxx

  3. Ce style me touche beaucoup et je me sentirais bien dans cet intérieur...
    Les photos sont vraiment belles...

  4. I LOVE that teal Asian side table. The furniture in every space is so beautiful, and the colours work so well together.

    *Tania @

  5. I have the room with the striped rug and hounds tooth settee in my inspiration folder - love everything about it. He is one talented designer!

  6. I am overwhelmed with the beautiful interiors out there right now...this is another set of beauties to add to my file...great find Vie!

    Have you come down from the Party yet? So great that H&H did that article on the event...job well done! It looked tres chic!


  7. Fabulous! All of it, but especially the blue/white rooms at the top of this post. So light, fresh and full of soothing energy. Uplifting to look at!

    And the bedhead in the final pic is heaven!

    Gorgeous post.

    xx Charlotta

  8. My favorite composition is blue and white, your images show all this lovely rooms, so cozy and relaxing, I abolutely love this post.
    The centerpiece is gorgeous.
    Have a nice day.

  9. I loved this house when it came it in House Beautiful. Such a relaxed but tailored look. Love that perfect bedskirt!

  10. These are really beautiful. I love how subtle the colours are. Delicate.


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