Colour Play


Marshall Watson is definitely on my top 10 list for all time favorite designers.  I featured him before, (see here) when he was featured in Veranda Magazine for using the colour red, in the most beautiful way imaginable.  But today, it's his mix of blue and green that have won me over.   This South Hampton Vacation home, has a year round interior, with colours taken from nature, of course.  Blues, Greens, Grays, and yellows all inspired by seasonal changes in nature, from sunshine to foggy days.

I love that this style is achievable at any scale.  Some interiors look fabulous because they have the square footage to build a story on.  And others can be adapted to fit in any size of a home.  What a fabulous rug, it actually has green in it as well, it's such a bold statement.  You can visit Marshall Watson's portfolio, or see the story featured in House Beautiful.

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