Easy on the Fifth


 Timothy Whealon had an incredible spread on the pages of Veranda Magazine  for October 2010.  It will certainly grace the pages of this blog shortly.  But in the meantime, I couldn't help but share with you another one of his pristine interiors from his portfolio.  This Fifth avenue apartment was features in Elle Decor, (back in 2003)  

 It's another prefect example of a warm white interior.  It is filled with a fine selection of outstanding furnishings and architectural detailing.  It is layered with softness, and warmer tones for balance and interest.  Some of the highlights include that fabulous area rug, the wonderful entrance table, with it's delicately ornate legs, the trim detailing throughout, the wonderful use of light, and I always love a little scattering of antique tables..

The picture below was also in his portfolio, but it appears to be the same room styled somewhat differently.  Do you have any preference of this room, versus the one styled above? 

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