The Calm Space: The Place to Breathe


It’s September, and this is my time of year. This summer was perfect, warm and sunny, and truly relaxing. Yet, I am grateful for the cool breeze that has swept in. This is my season, autumn. I start to anticipate it’s arrival in the first week of August, and I have to remind myself to enjoy every moment summer has to offer because our winters are so long. I have always said that September feels more like the New Year to me than that icy night after Christmas. This is the season I find myself most inspired, by nature, art, fashion and design. This is when I spend the most time outdoors, walking, hiking, strolling the city streets, or sitting outside a local cafe. This is when I feel energized and excited as I reset my goals. It’s when I take the time to breathe...MORE

I am over at The Calm Space this week shaing my thoughts on this amazing time of year and taking the time to just breahe..

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