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I love scouting furniture for clients.  I think it is probably one of my favorite things to do.  I am working on a design project and I am so excited to present the concept to the client.  They are a young couple, who just moved into a very cool condo in the city.  Desperate for some furniture, they ran out and bought a 4 piece bedroom set, and a new brown leather sofa.  Now they are looking for some help filling in everything else in between.  So, I am on the hunt for some great furniture to fill their space, here is a little look into what i have been working on. 


They currently have a neutral colour on the wall which they really don't want to paint right now, and an accent wall that is red, that they aren't so fond of.  So we're switching up the red for Plumage by Martha Stewart. 

Case Goods:

They are in desperate need of an armoir to hide and raise the television.  Since their TV is quite large, we are custom making a 2 pc unit - similar to the one above.  This image is from pottery barn, we'll get the armoire made locally and hand pick all the finishing details.

There isn't a lot of storage space, so I am hoping we can squeeze in this lovely bookcase, against a small wall  that was offered in between a wall of windows.  This piece above is from Woodcraft.

Coffee table::

There are a few options for coffee tables, this is one of my favorites.  We'll make it square,  with either a stone or  glass top.  The other options are still sketches and include a shelf for additional storage space.  From Anvil of course. 
This is the Clara chair from Crate and Barrel.  It has a wonderful line to it.  It happens to be in this beautiful soft velvet peacock fabric.  I actually am not convinced this is the right fabric for the space, so I am looking into some other options.

Here is another piece that I think would be lovely in the space.  This great tufted bench from Restoration Hardware.   I need a bench to help divide the space, without being too much of an obstruction.  It's also easy to pull up to a dining table for additional seating.

Area Rug:
I am thinking of keeping it clean, simple and soft on the floor.  This is a great silk wool blend area rug from Elte.

Now I can't wait to see it all come together.


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