Classic Style


This fabulous interior is the result of the incredible work of designer Charles Spada, that began 20 years ago when the home was first purchased.  At the time, Spada and his clients put in a great deal of effort in the quality and workmanship of this Connecticut residence, and it shows.   When the couple called on Spada for a refresh, there was little fuss.  Everything held up to the highest standards, so instead of gutting and starting over, this much loved home received  fresh coats of paint, new fabrics and new finishes..

Do i have to tell you how much I love this library?   What a wonderful treat to see this beautiful green library.  It was actually painted during the original renovation, and has remained just as beautiful.  The window coverings were replaced, but it doesn't mention anything else. Evey home should have one room in it that is this exciting.

Although the pictures are not shown, the kitchen was also updated, and a porch (above) was added just off the breakfast area.   You can read the full story in New England Home, as well as see a few more pictures.  I love this quote at the end of the article. "when you choose to do it right, the more the things change, the more they stay the same"  There is much truth in this, classic never goes out of style.

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