Seaside Blues


Well here is a little colour inspiration if, like me, you still have the blues.  Of course, it helps that this shingle style home is located right on the sea, and draws so much of it's colour from right outside the windows.  But I think even in the suburbs, a palette like this will be refreshing and comforting year long.   

This homes architectural features are exquisite.  Above, is a circular library located in the tower, with it's domed ceiling and exposed mahogany beams creating a dramatic play on light.   The entrance hall, has a fireplace, and the detailing on the French Doors and Windows are delightful, especially when stained dark.  Ceilings are arched and trimmed to perfection, and in the master bedrooms, the ceiling is stipple painted to look like the sky. 

By the large seating areas by the pool and  in both the family and living rooms, this is clearly a home that was built for large groups to enjoy.  The home is also outfitted with a guest house,  a bowling alley, fully equipped gym , and naturally a bar and pool table. 
The home was originally featured in AD October 2008.  Although, it is filled with countless exorbitant details, Interior Designer Anne Mullin Segerson did a fabulous of job of making it tasteful and unpretentious.   Architecture by Robert A. M. Stern Architects. 

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