Cottage in Contrast


As opposed to traditional, this Alabama based interior designer chose a modern contrast to decorate her cottage.  Betsy Brown has brilliantly co-ordinated her relaxed and unpretentious home into a place anyone would love to live in.  Colours like avocado, burnt reds, and even lavender are crisp against stark white walls.

Antiques are incorporated with restraint, to highlight their unique design allowing  for a modern and linear feel.

Artwork is displayed with much interest.  Leaning back on walls from table tops to floors, some mounted with precision, other scattered about. 

And of course, in areas where a little pieace is required, like bedrooms nnd home office, touches of colour make their way into the remove evoking wonderful emotions.  The lavender bedroom (2 above) is quiet and soothing.  The office had hints of excitment with and avocado green table, perhaps the inspiration needed to get the day going.

This cottage house is filled with sharp contrasts of colour and furnishings. 
The full story was featured here at House Beautiful.

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  1. The wood floors - yes please!

  2. This is an example of my favorite design style...I love the mix of traditional/contemporary. It's so interesting and surprising. Love it!

  3. ooohhhh, you know what I love, that there aren't tons of rugs covering up the beauty of the hardwoods.

  4. What a great cottage. I love the rug in the first photo. What is so striking is how sculptural the furnishings look against the crisp walls.

  5. What a place! Love the dramatic reds against all that white!
    The cow hide in no 1 is a sure drool provoker for me. Works every time.. :)
    Also love the black and white art in no 6 and 7 - fabulous! ..and the multiple round and drop vases in no 2 are beautiful too. Such a fresh image!

    All in all edible!

    x Charlotta

  6. Wow, I love all of the white! Hope you have an outstanding week.

  7. I've so enjoyed these last two posts...very close to my own nautical asthetic...thanks...going back now to snag a few for my idea file.



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