Dressed Up!


In the small town of Seaside Florida you will find more than just peace and tranquility Seaside is a coastal community whose way of life is easy and simple, with less motorways and more walkways. It was founded in 1981 and is a pioneer of the movement New Urbanism, a concept which makes small communities self sufficient, by making everything within walking distance. When the owners of this home first visited, they new instantly they wanted to live here. But the strict community guidelines for building meant they had to get a little creative on the floor plan. The house is built on 3 floors and the layout is upside down.

Designed entirely by architect Robert A. M. Stern Architects,  the home features bedrooms on the lower level, and more common living spaces upwards.  This would allow for spectacular ocean and town views.  The home has several terraces that are designed more like rooms, where the family occupies most.  It's obvious the architect was thinking upwards because every ceiling is also dressed to perfection.  From trim to panels to paint, there is no surface left untreated.                    The full story was featured in Architectural Digest, April 2008, and more photos can be viewed online at Robert A M Stern Architects.

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