Art of the Craft: Giusti Portos


 If you aren't familiar with this amazing portfolio, allow me to introduce you to this unique Italian company, Giusti Portos.  A family owned and operated business in Pisa, Giusti Portos began creating, traditionally crafted Wrought Iron furniture in the 60's after he was presented with the challenge of creating a bed.  Since then the company has grown internationally, and expanded it's line to create a line of hand crafted wood furnishings as, well as upholstered pieces, mirrors and lighting.  Each piece still made in Italy, custom to order, using traditional methods. 



Along with the incredible quality and craftsmanship that goes into producing each piece, comes the finishing.  Hand painted silver or gold leaf detailing, floral paintings, and brushed metal finishes on iron are just a few examples of how much care goes into creating these uniquely individually furnishings.  The company is also quite eco-friendly,using as many natural materials as possible including water based paints and glues.  A statement from their website boasts, "This is how every piece in the Giusti Portos collections comes into being; from the impassioned encounter of the love of tradition, craftsmen’s know-how and respect for the environment"  Shouldn't every company live by these rules?


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