A Softer Side


Who else but Phoebe Howard could create this elegant and relaxed interior that remains perfectly tailored?  In just 5 short weeks, Howard created a blissful residence for a young family who was under time constraints.   And what a dreamy result; soft blues, washed grays and creams paired with furniishings that are simple and sleek keep it casual.

Upon returning from a buying trip to England, Belgium and Holland, howard was approached by the couple who wanted to start fresh in their new home.   Howard couldn't be more thrilled for the opportunity to decorate using pieces she felt shouldn't be separated.   Everything from the wing chairs, antique brass table and lamps, and English period pieces fill this home with a sleek but soft kind of sophisitication.  

What a beautiful pair of bedside tables, the mix isn't just interesting, it's personal and a reminder that rules are meant to be broken.

Full Story and Photo Credit from Atlanta Homes Magazine

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