Rustic Updated


Anne Hepfer

Andrea Crawford

It used to be that the cottage was the catch all for old furniture, dishes and appliances, but it seems we are extending our love for design well beyound our front doors.    A recent post from Joni at Cote De Texas, got me thinking about spending some time away from home.   Whether you are renting or one of the lucky ones to have a summer escape, we are taking rustic to a whole new level.  Mismatched chairs co-ordinate perfectly with crisp fabrics, windsor chairs painted in sleek black for a little drama, and even oversized artwork is making it's way to cottage life and adding some refinement.  Here are just a few images that inspire the classic rustic look.

Bobbie Burgers

Joni mentions in her post how she packs along slip covers, area rugs, rearranges furniture and buys new pillows to update her summer rental. What a great way to bring your own comforts to someone else's home, not to mention all the hygienic reasons for wanting your own fresh fabrics covering everything you rest on.  With a few smart purchases, you can pack fresh and inspired design in the trunk of your car. 

Photo Credits:  Canadian House and Home

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