Colour - Less


photographer Michael Partenio

Photo Credit  Decor Pad

Yes.  Colour - less.. OK - well maybe scientifically only, these interiors are designed around a colour-less scheme.  The opposing aspects of black and white can create a highly dramatic and sophisticated space, and much to my delight elegant and inviting.  The difficulties in desiging in Black in White are that often interiors can look and feel very flat and cold.  If these images reveal anything, it is that depth is created through layers and layers of textures, patterns, and finishes.  Shiny floors, patterened area rugs, interesting artworks of various patterns and shapes, glass lamps, bright light, and reflective mirrors give life to these striking spaces.

Photo Credit Decor Pad

Photo Credit Decor Pad

Photo Credit Decor Pad

Interior Design Schappacher White ltd

A closer look at each image reveals another important element.  Hints of colour that come from nature.  In the photo above, the french doors open to a green terrace.  Every room has a floral arrangment is a colour that grounds the space.  Even natural brown branches create a point to rest your eyes. 

Photo Credit House Beautiful

Interior Design Windsor Smith

Photo Credit Decor Pad 

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