Blog Thanks: Patti Friday


Last week I was pleasantly surprised to discover that someone who I recently met on Facebook, featured me on her wonderful blog, Liberty Post - Gallery of Goods.  You can read the feature Handmade Heirloom,  HERE.  Her name is Patti Friday, she is just an hour or so North of me here in Ontario, in a wonderful place I am due to visit again soon, Wasaga Beach.  She  is as creative and inspiring as they come.

Patti is an artist, photographer and writer.  Her blog is filled with everything from  cultural musings, wonderful photos, design obsessions, and even delicious recipes with a wacky twist, like Cayenne mashed with a side of rings

Posts like Float With Me are sure to whisk you away into her wonderful world and brilliant imagination.  I am looking forward to catching up on what I have been missing, and indulging in her dailty particulars.

Thanks again Patti.


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