A Quirky Collection


This fabulous home belongs to antique shop owner  Kay O'Toole.  15 years of dreaming and sketching, and finally an elegant home,  for all the fabulous pieces she has collected over the years.   The full story is in the March 2010 issue of Veranda Magazine.   Interestingly, her home is built behind her shop, Kay O'Tooles  Antiques and Eccentricities, and is a quick retreat for afternoon lattes. 

The home was built on a narrow lot, and is essentially one room in depth. The architects, Murphy Mears created a home that is flooded with beautiful natural light. 

The quirky collection of antiques gathered by Kay O'Toole is uniquely displayed with much restraint.  This layout isn't for everyone, but one thing is certain, the pieces she carefully selected to display in her home are exquisite.  From light fixtures, to busts, sculptures, vases. gilded mirrors and settees, each is to be admired and enjoyed.

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