A Point of Blue



If there is one thing this interior tells me for sure about Scott Sanders, it is that he isn't afraid of commitment.  This New Jersey home is filled with a beautifully composed blue and brown spectrum.  A lover of blue himself, and partnering with a client who has the same affection for the colour, this classic interior was born.  From Wedgewood, to sky blue, dark chocolate to light cocoa, a wonderful series of this traditional pairing furnishes this delightful residence.

This wall of artwork, is yet another example of Sanders' unwavering commitment.  "..we hung them in that seemingly random way--salon-style--has the feeling of those wonderful English country houses where they'd buy some great oil painting and put it up wherever it fit. Oils would have been crazy-expensive and a bit overwhelming, so my best friend suggested we take a trip to Maine, where you can find inexpensive 19th-century charcoal drawings and prints. We bought 90 pieces, reframed and rematted them, and started hanging."   House Beautiful

Sanders worked for Ralph Lauren, on Madison for years, where he admits Blue was more than just a colour, it was a lifestyle. Above ist he Ralph Lauren Chilton Sofa.  

Scalamandré's O'Marra wallpaper generously warms the walls of this inviting dining room.    The mix of cobalt blue glass and Chinese porcelain on the table setting and in the cabinet below, create a vibrant appeal to this setting.

The element of surprise? One spectacular room without blue.  Even the greatest lovers of bold colour, need a break and so the family room is in fact, blue-less.  Natural shades of khaki, with rich wood tones and golden honey accents envelop the family room.   

A diversion from bold in the bedroom.  Instead, the retreat is filled with soft silver blue that evokes calm and composure.  Creamy fabrics and dark stained furniture are crisp and undeniably classic, just another perfect point of blue.

Photo Credits and story info::  House Beautiful

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