Glossed Over


When it comes paint finish, I think most of us will agree, the number one finish choice is eggshell. So you can imagine my joy to see this home designed by Alliscon Caccoma, where she used an abundance of glossy paints to polish walls and celiings.  In this bright and spacious home, the gloss finish reflects all nautral light and takes your eyes, straight through to the outdoors.  The ceilings in picture below look like an endless outdoor sky, because of the depth they reflect.

Who could resist featuring this interesting piece of furniture

I am not sure who styled this photo, but the tulips dripping off this marble countertop are gorgeous..  The bright pink, purple flowers and turquoise vaise with branches unite all the inspiring colours throughout this home.

Avoiding a typical blue ceiling, here in the sunroom, she used a high gloss yellow that gives this room a great feeling of height and warmth.

This soft blue gloss paint in the bedroom feels crisp and polished, it compliments beautifully the textures of the headboard and chaise below.  Paired with this pale orange, it's a refreshing space to wake up to.

Allison Caccoma's website is filled with more images of this home, and it was also featured in House Beautiful..  All Images from House Beautiful.

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