The Colour of Luxe


When it comes to infusing bold colour into a space, it's best to take a lesson or two from those who have mastered it.  This apartment is located in the spa inspired Miraval Residence  in NYC, and was decorated by architect and designer Campion Platt.  The walls and wood furnishings in the main living area are light and natural, even zen like in their simplicity.  When paired with the bold colour and textures of the sofa, club chairs, window bench and pillows, luxury and style are instantly injected into this space.

In the study, darker wood is used for a rich and warm feel, and is perfectly accented by layers of citrus orange.  A velvety sofa, a glass lamp, and leather chair, create depth in varying shades and textures.

And naturally , whether you are starting the day or putting it to rest, a perfect peaceful retreat in luxurious white.  Accented only by green in the artwork and in simple floral arrangements.. A wonderful use of space in this bedroom includes a work desk that over looks a city view, and full sized curved sofa to lounge on. 

All photos taken from Campion Platt Portfolio, which includes and extensive gallery of many of there other projects.

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  1. Most of us do not dare to use some vivid colours in our design, although it can be so good to bring in a touch of them everywhere!
    I so love the orange with in the bacground all brown shades!
    Love this post!

  2. An interesting combination with the light wood but I like the boldness and how it is just used in specific areas of the house. Than to go to the bedroom which gives your eye a break from all the boldness is refreshing! Great post!

  3. I love to see how designers deal with NYC spaces, where every square inch is at a premium and you have to take advantage of all of your space. So different from Atlanta, where designers typically have the luxury of space.

  4. What a fantastic design. I always appreciate spaces that don't take themselves too seriously, but equally appreciate an all white scheme as well...and they've done both so nicely. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. It's so interesting how this designer ensured that there was some form of bank (sofa) seating on practically every wall in the main living spaces. The homeowner must be someone who likes to entertain!!

    So much to see and enjoy in every space... but that orange lamp is a WANT!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  6. Beautiful spaces...loving the natural materials and the warm of these rooms! The colors are spectacular! I'm adoring the pinks and blues, most especially...

    Thanks also for your kind comment - it takes some time, but I've been enjoying catching up with some of my fav. blogs - like yours :)


  7. Absolute design magic! Inspiring, creative and PRETTY!

  8. The colour of luxe, love that headline!! Beautiful photos!


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