Keeping it Cool


It's always especially enjoyable to stumble across a home where the homeowners have made choices that are so similar to your own. This is how I felt about this home located in Atlanta, and designed by Jo Rabaut. The formal room is filled with soothing colours, natural fabrics and of course a wood burning fireplace, for ambiance and warmth. Perfect for reading and entertaining.
A dramatic Dining room, that is still soft and light, with a large dining table for entertaining my huge family and friends. Plenty of space to walk around the table (or run for those under the age of 10) and linger well after dessert has been served.

A huge kitchen, with lots of cabinet space for all occasion serving stored inside, and a pantry located just off to the side that stores all the "secret" ingredients to my fabulous dinners. Light cabinets are a must, and a dark contrasting counter is a little dramatic. A big window over the sink is perfect for washing dishes, with a second sink on the counter for food that is located close to the stove. More of that wonderful seaside blue in this kitchen.

Organized closet space with glass doors to see where everything is. Large counter space for laying out accessories, and all the feminine touches a girl could ask for.

The master bath is beautiful, the detailing on the tiled floor is breathtaking. A Fireplace in the Master suite is perfect for unwinding in the evenings after the little ones are off to bed, or at the end of an exhausting work day. Can you think of a better way to put the day to rest?
Ask anyone who knows me about my love of washing, folding and ironing. It is the most therapeutic of house chores for me. This laundry room is a wonderfully peaceful place to take pride in everyday housework. From hand washing my favorite articles of clothing, or even washing up after kids crafts. Like the rest of the home it's bright, spacious and so soothing.
Thanks to Erin at House of Turquoise for bringing my attention to this fabulous home.

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