Settling In


Bienvenue, to this historic district of Montreal, where in 2004 this was a vacant lot. Located on an exclusive piece of heritage land, and surrounded by mansions built by Canada's wealthiest in the roaring 20's, you will find this very new structure that is just settling in.

Montreal based Interior Designer Scott Yetman is well known for working with light, as evident in the bright and spacious design of this home. Every luxury is evident, but paired down and somewhat neutralized for a modern take and opulence.
The details all come together seamlessly. The trim around this water feature, matches the trim surrounding the pillars. Looking up, is just as rewarding as looking straight ahead. Crystal beading in chandelier picking up silver nailheads trimming dining chairs.

French Antiques, goldend gilded chairs and beaming works of art, Wrought Iron, Traditional Crown Mouldings, and creamy marble are classic choices that rarely fail and always impress. Set upon a gallery white backdrop, and the drama is elevated to a new level.

This wall of family photos all framed in sleek black is a very modern touch, hanging just outside the master bedroom doors. It is a wonderful display of all those cherished memories, without disturbing the quiet calm you long for in a bedroom retreat.

The master bedroom is as calm and soothing as it gets covered in silk draperies and carpet, wool headboard, leather bench, and cotton upholstery on seating. It's like wrapping yourself in warmth and comfort. Just beyond the ceiling fixture above is an interesting arched architectural detail. It also links to 2 very large dressing rooms, a spa like bath and a personal gym.

Limestone exterior, slate roof, and iron detail are inspired by classic French architecture, but enlarged windows and simplified stonework help to create a modern update required for this young family.
Photos 1 and 7 , Stacey Brandford for Beautiful Homes (Scanned Photos)
Exterior Photo: Geiger Huot website
All others: Leona Mozes Photographer
Interior Designer: Scott Yetman
Architect: Eric Huot, Geigher Huot

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  1. This is really a gorgeous home. Love the pool.

  2. Is that really someone's house? I mean, reeeeeally???? Those dining room chairs are my favorite. And how many yards of silk would you say are hanging in the master?


  3. What a gorgeous home, thank you for sharing, love the picts. I just joined blog land if you have a chance come on over and take a peek,Kathysue

  4. wow this home is absolutely stunning!!!

  5. The large water feature must be magnificent in person. I just love knowing it is there.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!! The fireplace closeup takes my breath away!

  7. Who lives like this? What a beautiful home, beautiful interiors and beautiful artwork. The one piece of art above the fireplace (with the lone tree) literally jumps off the wall, doesn't it? Maybe in my next life.... :)

  8. I just love all of this home, but that pool was totally made just for me!!!!

  9. I love the blue/green and orange together in the first photo. It reminds me of summer days and nights - water and sunset. Just lovely.

  10. I just wanted to let you know that in addition to enjoying your blog … I have tagged you with the Creative Blogger Award. Please reveal seven things about yourself and then pass the award along to seven more creative bloggers… Terri at The Countrypolitan

  11. Pretty -- there are so many great details here -- I really like the wall sconces! That large one is beyond stunning :)

    I hope you have a great weekend*

  12. Beautiful house! I love the dining chairs!!!
    And the woodpaneling at the stairway!!

  13. wow what an escape! I feel relaxed just viewing the room photos. what a serene setting. I adore the photo wall, such an impact with the strong black frames against the white walls! Great post, thanks for the tour


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