Rustic Refined


With over 4000 square feet to roam around in, this cottage, set beautifully on the shoreline of Martha's vineyard, is a little more space than one might expect for a typical summer retreat. But with all it's space, and exceptional architectural details, this residence is as relaxed and informal as they come, and with effortless sophistication.

The pillars and beams of this living room are laden with incredibly crafted details. And yet, while other colours may have been used to accentuate the workmanship, the room is layered in whites that are clean,cool and subdued. The lively blues , warm rust like browns, and pale greens that accent the rest of the home are merely a reflection of the what is outdoors.
The kitchen is clearly made for those who love to cook. In fact it looks like it may have been designed for those who like to cook together. The window and door opening to the dining room is charming, and an old familiar detail. The unpredictable choice of cabinetry colour, is also a sign that someone plans to spend a fair deal of time in there. The darkened green, slate counter and black appliances feel so rustic, and yet the design is very updated. Interior Designer Michael Smith, painted trim, mouldings and the door to match cabinets, for a harmonized look.
The family enjoys the outdoors a great deal, so it's no surprise there is a beautifully enclosed screen porch. A place to sit and stay fresh, without the hassle of mosquito's or rain, and a fabulous wall of found stones.

The property has a long history, and there was a very specific location where the home had to be built. Careful consideration of local architecture and traditional coastal homes resulted in a seamless structure. The home is actually 5 separate compartments, that were addend in increments.

Architectural Digest June 2006, here
Architectural Redesign by Oscar Shamamian of Ferguson & Shamamian
Interior Design by Michael S. Smith
Landscape Design by Deborah Nevins
Photography by Scott Frances

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  1. What a beautiful, beautiful home! It fits in so perfectly with its surroundings - and from the outside picture, looks so much bigger than 4000 sf! The inside looks like it has great flow. I just saw that Michael Smith did the interiors - of course - the effortless elegance that he always achieved can be seen in all of the rooms.

  2. wow this place is amazing. I would be super happy with this as my everyday house, much less getaway! :-) The outdoor screened porch is amazing and truly a room in its own right. Love the balance between formal and casual as well.

    I also think it's neat that they added on over time, which I think would be a great way to get a unique, interesting house (assuming one had the right architect to work with!). Would love to see floorplans of "Phase 1", "Phase 2", etc.

  3. The house is wonderful, but the setting makes my heart do leaps! Can you imagine a view like that?!

  4. Amazing architecture. Works for small & large houses.

    Looks like a floof on the Somthings Gotta Give house. Adore it.

    Those 'found' stones? Touring an old cottage in Scotland the caretaker was very proud of the 'field gathered' stones. They had status!!

    When choosing stone for designs I try to make them look 'field gathered'.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. Michael Smith epidomizes American Style done right... sophisticated and tastefull... nothing cutesy...

  6. I love Michael Smith's work, so I was surprised to see that he did the interior design of this home and I haven't seen it before! Just what you'd expect from him... timeless elegance.

  7. Such a lovely perspective.
    I adore that screened porch and the gracious upstairs hallway especially.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I just found tons of inspiration in the portfolio of Ferguson & Shamamian.

  9. What a simply wonderful home! I got a chuckle when I read that it was a cottage... in my mind, cottages are small little houses and this place certainly isn't small! I'd so enjoy living in a home like this... and I think I'd hang out in the screened porch every change I got! And that view - from so many windows I noticed - is devine! Sigh!! ;-)
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  10. Oooo! I really enjoy the warm kitchen and room featured directly below...just lovely!

    I hope you are having a delightful Monday*

  11. Beautiful! I love that charming living room!

  12. Oh gosh. I am totally dying over the screened in porch made from "found" stone = incredible!

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