The Calm Space: The Bathroom Retreat


Karyl Pierce Paxton

I love January. Something about saying goodbye to an old year, and welcoming a new one filled with possibilities puts me in a great mood. It’s the time of year that I take the most time for myself, reflecting, redirecting and focusing on what the future holds. I am about to set off an incredible journey, and I need my mind, and body to be clear and focused on achieving my goals. But given all the things I have to get done in a day, and the two little people who demand my attention constantly, there is very little time for my much needed contemplation..... Continue
I am over at The Calm Space this week, sharing some insight into beautiful bathrooms and some of the much needed benefits of having a personal space to retreat too.

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  1. What a magical chandelier in that bathroom!!

  2. In the process of bead board, chandelier, flooring, claw foot tub, furniture for master bath.

    My it takes a lot of men to do this. And days.

    Can't wait for calm, gorgeous, retreat.....

    Garden & be Well, XO Tara

  3. Vitania, I am absolutely in awe of you! I had no idea on top of everything else you do, you run a business! You are amazing!!

  4. I love everuything in this bathroom! The floor, the armchair, the chandelier, the walpaneling,...

  5. i never really thought about it,
    the month of january i mean.
    but this year is different.
    i do feel optimism this month.
    and that is a good thing,
    considering the state of the world at this moment.

  6. Lovely and serene...I ditto Greet!

  7. Nothing like a good bathroom retreat! Since I remodeled mine I feel like a different person!
    Thank you!


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