Jewels for My Tree


Last night, while decorating our Christmas tree, my son ran off with one of my favorite ornaments and smashed it to smitherines. It was hand decorated by my best friend, and was given to us as a gift on our first Chritmas as a husband and wife. I was devastated. But after the tears dried up, I finished decorating and decided to take some pictures of some of the other jewels for my tree. I thought I would share just a few with you.
One of the Garden centers near by always fills their store with gorgeous tree displays, and it's been a couple of years now that I have been finding these beautiful butterflies. I only buy a couple at a time, but I absolutely love them.. One year my tree will be filled with butterflies.

I love frogs, when my friend spotted these, she couldn't resist buying them for me. And when we spotted her twin a couple of years later, she bought it as well so I could have a set. Isn't she pretty with her pearls, and sequins, and crown.

One year, I look forward to decorating an entirely vintage tree! The ornaments below are so interesting, the pear is metal and very heavy, and the lovely bird was handmade by my husband's cousin. I would love a few more of those birds, it's just beautiful. He also made a beautiful wooden nativity for us that is just lovely.

Hope you are enjoying your holidays!

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