The first snowfall


I am finally ready to start thinking about Christmas. I don't like to start too early because I'll tire of it before it gets here. This weekend I am off to look for a couple of decorations to add to my small collection.. While browsing for inspiration I completely side tracked with these images, that I know my readers who love white will adore. That's you Charlie ! They are absolutely beautiful because they remind me of that first snow fall, you hope will arrive just before Christmas. I have truly come to appreciate the beauty of layering white over the past year. Various tones, with different textures, finishes and fabrics can create a very warm and inviting space.

And for those readers who would die without colour, I have added a touch of Ice Blue. This one is for your Erin!
I'll be posting on some of my favorite Holiday Decorating articles next week.
Have a fabulous weekend!
All images from Country Living

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