The Art of Glass


If you have ever been fortunate enough to wander the streets of Venezia aimlessly, you'll understand how easy it is to fall in love with all things from blown glass. Rows and rows of little glass shops, with everything from vessels to pendants. Rich in colour and depth and with a captivating reflective nature. Each piece unique, and made by hand, there will certainly be one (or many) that call to you. The art of glass blowing actually dates back to as early as 50 B.C. and over the years the technique has spread around the world.
The artist's work featured here is Sam Stang. Mr Stang is the owner of a wonderful glass boutique called Augusta Glass Studio (in Augusta Missouri) His work is brilliant, and he uses colour and shape in the most beautiful pairings. He uses traditional European glass blowing techniques and often requires a team of 2 or 3 to complete a piece. It's worth a visit to his website, especially if you are in the Augusta area. He is having a sale on the first 2 weekends of December, AND there will be a Demo... Ahhh.. just like they do in Murano.

The complicated process in which colour is added in these striking patterns is called Murrine. It makes for a very exciting piece of art that is one of a kind and will be cherished for years.

Hand blown Glass objects are to be treasured and handed down for future generations to admire. The limitless colour options, striking patterns, and incredible shape will add a sophisticated element of design to any interior.
All photos taken from the Sam Stang Augusta Glass Studio.
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  1. This mister Sam Stang is an artist! BEAUTIFUL workiI love the art of blowing glass! And I really want to go to Venetie to see that!

    Have a very nice weekend Vitania!


  2. What amazing glass.... it's sheer art. Just beautiful

  3. I always love class accessories. They add color and not only. They are lively beautiful!
    Thank you!

  4. Wow......just stunning, what a gift he has. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  5. i love this post, and am always blown away by the art-form.
    these are wonderful.

  6. Oh V, These are marvelous! As you know I'm a huge fan and collector or blown glass and these pieces are stunning! I must admit, I have never heard of this artist but I can't wait to read up and see more of his work.

  7. You are not kidding! His glass is stunning!!! I love each and every piece, so beautiful and so unique. I've always thought glass, metal and marble to be the most wonderful art forms. Thanks for this beautiful post!

  8. Oh my...this is absolutely stunning glass....what a fabulous artist.
    Gorgeous images.

  9. These vases are beautiful!! So original and organic in their shape and pattern. Love them!!


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