A Lovely Gift


One of the highlights of my day is tweeting with Amy of ABCDDesign, and reading some of the wonderful posts on her incredibly inspirational Blog. From Interiors, weddings, food, paper - everyday offers a burst of creativity. Amy is an artist, designer, stylist, a fabulous cook (I have tested her recipes & they are fantastic) a New Yorker, and a really natural and genuine spirit, that I have the pleasure of befriending through the world of blogging and twitter.

When Amy announced she was celebrating her 2 year Blog-iversary, I was thrilled! Especially when I read the words Give-Away.. and The Hip Hostess!
Amy at Home in NYC
Isn't she Fabulous?
The Hip Hostess is a really cool online shop for the woman who likes to entertain with a little sophistication. They have the most stylish line of aprons and tea towels, you'll look like the Queen of Couture while serving up them Hors D’Oeuvres. You must check out their online Boutique.
Through a series of events, you'll have to read about here. I am the proud owner of the wonderful matching set below. I wanted to express a special Thank You to Amy at ABCD Design, and to Debbie and Andrea at The Hip Hostess, for this beautiful, thoughtful and much needed gift.

And it couldn't come at a better time either. Some of you know I write another blog, called Casarecce. It's about my love of all things made by hand. Cooking, baking, knitting, and crafts, it's a place for me to display some of my work as well as the work of others who are doing it right. I am so excited to announce that my cousin Anna decided to join me at Casarecce. She is a true artist. Everything she touches turns beautiful, and I am very lucky to have someone to share my passions with. This December, we are hosting our 2nd (almost annual) "Bring Your Own Apron" Party. It's where the woman of our family, gather to exchange the recipes that have been in our family for years. It's also where Anna and I will no doubt, burn our fingers on the Pizzele Iron. But I will at the very least, look fabulous, in my new apron!

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