Coloured Country


This is perhaps, one of the most inviting living rooms I have ever come across. Beautiful stone fireplace, flanked by gorgeous window benches, plenty of bright light, french doors leading to the garden, and a distressed book table with a vase of tuips sitting atop. Brilliant.

Yup! This is the country you are looking at! Weekend home of Kate White, Editor in Chief at Cosmopolitan. After the hectic hustle of a New York week, this is the vibrant place the entire family escapes to in Pennsylvania. This apple green entrance is the first sign of peace, and it carries through to the main living room, and the front stairway.
This colour? Mango. It's a beautiful compliment to the green in the hallway. The interior was designed by Denny Daikeler, decorator and author. The colours are incredibly intense and evoke sheer happiness.
A wondeful crisp white master bedroom. The succulent green and orange punch that has filled the entire home, is wisely carried through to this room with art, plants, and florals. This a wonderful theme that recurs, the lemon yellow kitchen below, and the yellow artpiece over the fireplace. (photo atop)
The porch surrounded by acres of nature, is a pleasure to the sight and senses. The sounds of nature, beautiful breezes and energizing colours during any season.
This home is completely unassuming. It's an 1860's renovated farmhouse, which includes a seamless expansion, and addition of more windows and french doors. It is simplistic and natural, and serves up comfort and style for a busy family. The full story is featured here at Country Living.

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