Powerful Retreat


Until you have actually stood at the foot of a mountain range and felt it's incredible force as it reduced you to just a breath, can you truly understand the allure of the mammoth hillside. This home was incredibly designed on multi levels to blend seamlessly with nature. Designed by Harry Teague Architects, and Interiors by Joseph Matzo of The Wiseman Group, this minimalist residence needs little adornment. It is a powerful retreat, that cannot compete with the beauty that surrounds it, so instead it quietly compliments it. Built in the wake of a glacier, this contemporary home carries the theme inspired by ice and stone. Zinc, steel, rock and wood comprise the interiors. Various shades of gray, representing rocks and lighter shades for ice. The wood ceilings add warmth as well as enhancing sound. Actual boulders strategically placed inside the home, as if the home was build around them. What this home lacks in warmth of decor; fabric, objects, art and books, it makes up for in the "force of nature".
You can read the full story here, appropriately titled, "force of nature" from Architectural Digest July 2006. It's a great read. Also, view more pictures from Harry Teague Architects gallery.

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