Poise and Perspective


So great to see dark sofas in this family/media room. You know the room gets a lot of wear and tear, when the browns come out! Done beautifully with the big pillows with wide white grids.

What an entrance! Wrought Iron is so classic & elegant

Mill Neck, Long Island is a known site for many old world estate properties owned and enjoyed by some of New York's elite. What's fascinating about this property, is that with all it's grandeur and prestige, it feels like a home in the suburbs. It clearly is not. The architectural detailing is phenomenal, the trim work over the doors, over sized arched windows and doors , detailing on ceilings, Wrought iron staircase and so much more. Interior Designer, Sherrill Canet decided not to compete with these features, and instead chose to simplify on a collection of tailored but livable pieces. And this home feels like just that, lived in. Too often, large estates are decorated so lavishly, it's almost impossible to enjoy them for all the adornments. Not here! Here is where you really get a sense of Poise and Perspective.

All images taken from Sherrll Canet website. it's worth checking out, she has a lovely porfolio!

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