Fall Mornings, Fresh Linens


Yves Delorme

One of life's simple pleasures is waking up on a crisp fall morning, when the house is so cool, you just linger under the covers for an extra hour. Something tells me, "maybe I should turn the heat on", but then snuggling under the fresh sheets and duvet just wont be the same. The silky soft feeling on your skin, the weight of the fabric surrounding you, and the warmth they offer. Cream Linens have always been my preference. Especially when they have just been laundered, I almost convince myself that I could sleep in until noon! But then, I hear the footsteps running towards me and a little voice calling. "Mamma. Mamma. Elmo!" It's 6:30am. Maybe tomorrow they'll sleep in.
Today is the last day to enter the All the Best Bedroom Contest over at Ronda Carman's All the Best Blog. Details here, if you still want a chance to win some Beautiful Sferra Linen's.

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