Gray Days


Gray may be a colour trend this year, but it has always been a colour that stands the test of time. Especially, when it comes to fashion, gray is one of the most versatile colours to own because it can easily be paired with soft and bold colours. The brilliant items above are from the Fall 2009 Viktor & Rolf RTW Collection. OK -so maybe the gray wash faces made to look like statues is a little distracting, but pay no attention to the models. Look at the weight of the fabric, how it drapes the female form. The swags are in all the right places. It's as if each piece was modeled after the statue of a Greek goddess. Instead of marble, stiff wool fabric. A superb collection and with pieces that you will look forward to wearing year after year.
All images were taken from, but if you want to stimulate your eyes and ears, visit Viktor & Rolf's site for a unique experience The animation and music will transport you, and make sure you visit the Library.

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