Wonderful Whites


A Monumental Interior designed completely by Barbara Barry. This 12 000 sq ft mansion in Piedmont, California was built in 1922. It's updated interiors compliment it's luxury and grandeur! Intricate details that are reserved for a distinguished few. Naturally graced with wonderful whites, the spectrum runs from cool to warm, and is exquisite. Careful planning went into selecting shades of white that would play with light. Would you believe children live here? Not my children, but children. Despite all the sophistication, it does present a level of comfort. Every chair and sofa screams "sit in me", and there isn't much to knock over. Even the fireplace opening is covered with a beautiful iron door. A French inspired furniture collection, compliments pieces from Barry's own collection, and all are tastefully scattered throughout the home so that you can appreciate each piece.


Get the full story at Architectural Digest, Nov 2005.

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