Suburban Dream


Wonderful Masonry on the fireplace.

Imagine waking up in this beautiful bright bedroom, and surrounding yourself with all this warm white. Everyday would be a good day.
You just know that every square inch of this suburban home is put to good use. It's the kind of home most of us dream of. Enough space to watch your children grow, and to gather for holidays and Parties. A retreat from hectic work and city life. Everything from the Grand piano, and cozy fireplace, to the games room and over sized dining table. is an invitation to relax and enjoy. It is filled with all the luxuries, without the pretentiousness. Designed by Christopher Maya, it is truly a reflection of his ability to create understated elegant interiors. Unfortunately, there is no picture of the kitchen, but one can only assume that it is as functional and fabulous as the rest of this home. It really is a suburban dream, one you won't to wake up from.
Christopher Maya's website has a wonderful gallery of images from his portfolio. You can visit it here, for more timeless inspiration.

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