Cut close


Is it too early to start thinking of Fall? It hasn't been much of a summer here, but regardless, August is the time to think about what to wear come the beautiful winds of Autumn. Alexander McQueen's Pre fall collection will keep you more than just warm. In fact, you will be absolutely dignified is some of these fabulous looks for Fall. Tailored and asymmetric lines are incredibly sophisticated, especially in jacket above.

Beautiful bulky knit sweaters, paired with fabulous tights and pair of knee high boots. A classic look for fall, but with Alexander McQueen's incredible touches of drama and excess.

An exquisite collection of black. Dresses, coats. jackets and suits, all tailored perfectly, and with rich fabrics that are cut close to the body. Add to the black, an electric blue print, and it's magical.

All Photos: . Alexander McQueen

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