Relaxed Luxury


There are not enough images to capture the incredible beauty of this breathtaking waterfront property located on an island off some shoreline in Canada. Very reminiscent of Ontario's Muskoka's, this beautiful home is not accessible by road. Materials were paddled across in the summer months..(ok maybe not paddled, but you know what I mean, boat driven) and by sled over an iced lake in winter months. Can you imagine? Pineapple House of Atlanta, managed the entire project beginning to end, with every last finishing detail. The architectural details of this home are incredible. Mahogany doors, wonderful rich trimwork, incredible floor to ceiling masonry just to name a few. This secluded home is a relaxed, and informal but with incredibly luxurious details, a perfect way to escape the city!
All Photos from Pineapple House, you can visit their website for more incredible interiors.

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