Sage Moss Apple Pea, Jade Grass Verdigris


Looking to add some colour to your neutral home but don't know where to begin? Alas, the answer lies here. You can't go wrong when you take inspiration from colours that grace the natural world. And that is exactly what Richard Hallberg and Barbara Wisely did for this Newport Beach home. The source of inspiration, a pear tree, just before full blossom. With soft greens, rich buds, white flowers, and gray branches. Doesn't that sound beautiful?

This Dining room is exquisite with it's warm cognac table, contrasting beautifully against the cooler taupe and gray. The green botanical prints and potted florals add a punch of lively colour, and the crystal chandelier is incredibly dramatic. (Dining Chairs and Chandelier by Dennis & Leen)

Every room has a refreshing twist on the inspirational theme and colour palette. There are wonderful surprises at every corner. In the bedroom, simple and tasteful Iron bed that mimics branches, botanical print on curtains.. and a recurrence of that soft pear green in bedding. The introduction of yellow is carried straight through to the outdoors with lemon trees sitting in planters.

Although this home is filled with many antiques and traditional pieces, it feels very updated and refreshed. The brilliant layers of green are revitalizing, just as nature intended.
Photo Credit: Veranda Magazine, July August 2009

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