Red, White and New


Image Credit: Veranda , July/August 2009

This Summer home, located on Sagaponack Long Island, is an inspirational design lesson for us all. When the owners were looking to refresh, they returned to Interior Designer Marshall Watson, who decorated the home when it was purchased 20 years earlier. Custom Made Furnishings were well worth investing in. Designed by Marshall to scale, these timeless pieces of furniture did not go to waste. Sofas were given slipcovers with beautiful printwork. Wooden pieces scraped and refinished and relocated to define another room. New fabric on chairs, cushions and curtains, new flooring and a fresh coat of paint, and you have a brilliant transformation without wreaking havoc on our already fragile environment.

And then, the colour. What a surprise to see red ! Red has to be the most difficult colour to work with. Whether you want it on your wall, sofa, or toenails, it just isn't easy to apply. Here it is used to perfection, the perfect shade, the perfect amount, and the perfect location! Carried beautifully throughout the home is nautical Red white and blue that is set to a breathtaking ocean backdrop.

Interior Design by Marshall Watson, Architecture by Michael Bazala, Landscape Design by Creative Greenery,Photography by Keith Scott Morgan

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