Eco Impact: Whitewash & Co



Furniture shopping isn’t quite what it used to be. Long ago, when you were in need of some home furnishings, you could easily find the best tradesmen in town to make the perfect accoutrement. Today, you have to search through a vast selection of products available at various price points and styles. Products are manufactured, foreign and local, at so many levels of quality that it can be quite a challenge determining exactly what you are buying. Thankfully, people like Jo Alcorn are around to clear the sawdust, and educate shoppers on smart, valuable and eco-friendly buying decisions. She founded Whitewash & Co on the principles of quality, traditional craftsmanship and respect for our earth.

W&C’s exquisite line of furniture is made by true craftsmen, using only solid wood, traditional sewing and support techniques, and carefully selected eco-friendly materials. Jo Alcorn’s longstanding design career has provided her access to a diverse client base with a wide range of décor preferences. It’s obvious that each piece of furniture was designed with these clients in mind. Styles are elegant and classic. Quality is uncompromised, and built to succeed into the next generation.

Jo Alcorn’s commitment to finding innovative design, eco products and methods is inspiring. “We believe the green movement is important for this generation and the generations to come….keeping the carbon foot print down, will strengthen the economy and support local businesses.” It is wonderful to see the widespread awareness of the environmental impact in our community. Clearly outlining these values and practices allows consumers some insight into the influence of their buying decision. In the long run, investing in quality is a better value for your pocket, and for the environment.
For more information about Whitewash & Co and Jo Alcorn, please visit W&C

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