Casa Lazzari


On the border of Toscana and Umbria, is a charming & rustic Italian villa just waiting for guests to arrive. This old stone building with terracotta shingles was renovated in 2008 to accommodate 12. It's architectural elements are wonderful, rustic wood beams are exposed in every room and hallway. The multilevel layout allows for private spaces with surprises around every corner and up every set of stairs. Decorated impeccably with creams and neutral tones, it is a breathtaking escape. For those of you who love to cook, heaven awaits you. Outfitted with 2 ovens, hotplates, extra large fridge, and a pizza oven outdoors, you will gladly enjoy preparing some of the tastiest and inspired meals ever. And when you need a break, ancient villages nearby boast some of the most authentic Italian restaurants of the region. Not sold yet? Firenze and Siena are just a couple of hours of away. If you feel the need to shop, watch people outfitted in the most stylish clothes of the season, or just just sit at an outdoor cafe listening to local music, the city is easily accessible.
There are a few ways to enjoy Italy.. if you are under 25, and can sleep on surfaces other than a bed, I suggest backpacking. However, for those of you with discerning taste, there is a villa located on a hillside, along a private country road, with a pool and a gourmet kitchen, .... fresh linens and modern appointments await you .... and it is the only way to experience a culture that is rich in art, history, design, and cuisine.
All images from Italian Villas, and for more information on Casa Lazzari, click here.

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  1. What a place to throw your hat for a spell!!!
    I have my Caffelletto Guide dog eared to death for when I return to the land of my soul.
    Im adding this to my file of must haves too!!!

  2. So lovely. I need to go there as well!

  3. GORGEOUS place... I NEED to move!!!

  4. Oh Vitania, is that fabulous!! We have talked about going back to Italy and renting a house, and know I know where to look.

  5. Sigh, lovely find Vitania, you really write up a storm when you like something.

    I like how the angular metal shapes are softened by the beams and natural furniture. The kitchen sounds a treat too.

  6. This is my post. I'm half from Tuscany and the other half from Umbria, and I love both . I have my best and unforgettable memories aboute the days spent over there

    The hills a re plenty of houses like this, the large part of them are owned by foreigner that found heaven and never get back!
    wish you a very summer weekend!

  7. Hi Verdigris Vie,

    I was wondering where did you get the pictures of Casa Lazzari from, which are shown above?
    I would firmly like to ask you to remove them from your website within the next 24 hours, since these pictures are originally made by Home In Italy and has copyright on it.

    Thank you

    Home In Italy

  8. HI there Home In Italy,

    Please email me at - I will gladly give you credit for the images and give a link to your site,OR remove - They were taken from the Italian Villas website by Luxury retreats.



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