A Breath of Fresh Air


Herlong & Associates, Stephen Herlong
This Elegant home, situated on South Carolina's Sullivan Island, was meticulously created by Stephen Herlong of Herlong & Associates. When his clients were looking for more space, he had to use every creative ounce he could find to work within the very limited footprint for restructuring. The result is truly dramatic. Lofty ceilings that add incredible light and an open layout that gives function to a family home. The kitchen in the upper level center of the home, is as luxurious as they come with detailed crown mouldings and sophisticated appliances, and yet it feels relaxed and perfect for gatherings or late night conversations. A blue & white pallet in the living room reflects the incredible outdoor views. Two matching white mirrored front cabinets sit on each side of the fireplace, and reflect more of the homes natural beauty and light. The unlikely and admirable decision to use salvaged materials add dramatic elements to a dining room cabinet, and doors to the master bath. In addition to these beautifully appointed spaces are numerous outdoor living areas that can be accessed by most rooms. A Deck, two porches and a breezy outdoor living room blend seamlessly with the interior and are ideal for lounging or dining. This home is filled with charm and character, elegance and luxury, and an invitation to sit back, relax and grab a breath of fresh air.
Additional Information for story provided by Decor Magazine, Spring Summer 2009

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