Layers of Luxe


Traditional Home, Young at Heart (above 4)

Atlanta Homes Magazine, Fresh Approach (above)

Atlanta Homes Magazine, Plantation Panache (above)

Veranda, Marsh Magic (above 3)
There is an air of unpretentious sophistication in a room designed by Suzanne Kasler. Her soft neutral palettes have incredible depth. Her style encompasses a strong classic base, that blends marvelously with traditional and modern . Layers and Layers of Luxurious fabrics, wall coverings, rugs, furnishings, draperies all feel as though they fell into place. Everything is comfortable and never over styled.
In the series of photos Magic Marsh, the play of burnt Orange carries beautifully throughout this home. The cognac credenza, fabric, art even the florals seem to have kissed the sunset. The textural layers are seductive. Even through pictorial perspective, there is an overwhelming desire to run your hands over all the velvet and chenille, silks and linens . And then there is colour. Tone on tone to create a softened depth without distraction. As in the photo series, Young at heart, the layers of green in the dining room are exquisite. Grass cloth on the walls, and a golden moss tone on the ceiling are so thoughtfully complimentary. They bring brilliance to a room that is serene by day, and dramatic by night.

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  1. SOPHIE DAHY DESIGNSMay 11, 2009 at 9:07 AM

    These rooms are inspirational!!

  2. Thanks for putting up these serene elegant rooms. I especially like the one with the burnt orange drapes and interesting ceiling treatment. Makes me think about wallpapering the ceiling in my MBR! Great ideas!

    Leona G

  3. adding you to the wind of change you bring, it is uplifting and positive...just what design needs, these days...beautiful!

  4. Love this space, I need to look at that designers blog! Your blog is sexy, and I've never said that to anyone else!! Fabulous.

  5. I love that description - unpretentious sophistication. You nailed it! I am a huge fan of Suzanne Kasler. When I spot her around town, I feel like I am seeing a celebrity - she is a celebrity in my world!


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