The Best Of Silk Florals


.Sophie Dahy Signature Blue and White Vase , with Blue Hydranges

Pink Roses in Cream Pitcher
. Blue and White Bouquet in Lime Green Vase

White Roses in Mercury Glass Vase
Mixed Pink Ranunculs in Glass Vase

Coral Peonies in French Pitcher
Align Center

Mixed Orange Gerberas and ranunculus in whimsy pottery

In Full Bloom

When long-time friends Jeanne Hyatt and Linda Raulston decided to start their business 6 years ago, it was in search of ‘the breathtaking’ centerpiece that lead them to create Sophie Dahy Designs. Think for a moment of the perfect tablescape; fine china, sterling flatware, and sparkling crystal, sitting pretty side-by-side atop a linen draped table. What is it exactly that these exquisite objects encircle in admiration? The answer to this can be found at Sophie Dahy Designs. Without any doubt, some of the most natural and extraordinary silk floral arrangements can be found here. With special attention to the precious containers that hold them, Sophie Dahy Florals look as if they were just picked from the garden, and placed in your favorite vase. These two incredibly talented women have a pride and passion for friendship and flowers that is evident in every silk petal.

Gracing the pages of our favorite Home Décor Magazines are beautiful bouquets. In every room, perched on occasional tables, mantels, kitchen counters, bedside table and even bathrooms. “Flower arrangements are much more natural now” says Jeanne. “Large bouquets of peonies that look like they have just been picked from the garden, bouquets of only viburnun, but in varying shades of green.” Searching through buckets and buckets of the finest silk floral blooms, decorative vase or pitcher in hand, Jeanne and Linda insist on designing each and every floral arrangement. “For spring and summer we love all the soft, fresh happy colors. Pinks, coral, soft greens and soft yellows”. Jeanne suggests choosing an arrangement that best reflects your home and looks as realistic as possible. Never choose flowers that are unnatural in colour.

In a boutique hotel or sitting on your dining table, these blooms will never disappoint. Always in full Bloom, and never in need of water, Sophie Dahy silk floral arrangements are the perfect decoration for your space. And make note not to water them, as you just might forget they aren’t real.

Sophie Dahy Designs
Knoxville, Tennessee

For an assortment of their latest floral arrangements click
Sophie Dahy’s Etsy Store

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  1. I am not so much of a silk floral person, but these look so "real". The real thing takes more work and probably dollars in the long run but the fragrances are hard to beat!

  2. Beautiful, there is only one shop in town where I buy silks for my clients mostly they look so fake.

    These are stunning!

  3. Wow, these silk flowers look TOTALLY real!! I think a big part of them looking so realistic is that they're so wonderfully arranged in beautiful vases and vessels.

    I hope you're able to find a "bad hair day plant" for your vacant pot :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Vitania, Linda and I are thrilled with your lovely article on us! Thank you! Linda and Jeanne

  5. You are very welcome Linda and Jeanne. A pleasure to write about wonderful people doing extraordinary things...


  6. These are fabulous. I rarely use florals because it's so touch and go with finding something that doesnt scream IM FAKE! but these look great!

  7. I love your blog! Beautiful pictures lots of inspiration. Thanks

  8. Vitania, Stunning arrangements, what a find! I can't wait to go and check them out.

  9. Well now I'm going to have to pull out my credit card again...thank you.
    My favorite is the purple & lime only because as a longtime fan of artist Dana Gibson, to see her vase jump was a thrill.
    Thank you so much for the compliment on my words. I will give it another shot soon, so perhaps you'll grace my psace again.

  10. Oh, your friend's arrangements are really lovely!! Great blog :)

  11. Gorgeous flowers! I also try to collect flowers and put it in a cute vase. I enjoyed reading your article. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.


  12. I am actually in the market for good silk florals so happy to have stumbled across this post! Thank you going to go check them out now!


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